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4th Annual Indiana Browncoat Bash in Bloomington

On Saturday, Sept 17th, there will be another Bash in Bloomington! I've been to the last 3 & they are FUN!! It's free to attend, but there is swag for sale. Funds go to Middleway Houe in Bloomington, which is a shelter for battered women & children.

More details at or!/event.php?eid=180214548676812

If you come, please consider bringing a food item. We do a pitch-in picnic while watching DVDs, socializing, etc. :)
Serenity = Love by Fritters

Terre Haute Shindig!

I JUST got the ok! Watching Serenity on SciFi at Buffalo Wild Wings's is a go!! We're going to be in the side area that's just to the left of the entrance.

It starts at 9pm this Sat & I'll prob show up around 8:30. I hope you can come & bring some friends! :)

(And if you can't come, spread the word to anyone who might be able to! *G*)

It's the first Shindig that I'm aware of that's happened in Terre Haute, so let's make it great!

*bouncy & hopeful*

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Hey all-
Myself and my group of nerds are working on setting downtown Terre Haute with a public, free, accessible wireless network. We're attempting to work with local businesses that way you can walk anywhere downtown Terre Haute with your laptop, and have an internet connection.

Check us out and let us know what you think- we also do cheap technology services like cable runs, and PC repair.

And we have a livejournal to show updates as well: elitetech

Thanks everyone.

Terre Haute Living.

Not sure if you guys are aware of it, but there's a new magazine out locally called "Terre Haute Living." Haven't checked it out yet, but I just wanted to let everybody know, because it is quite a good idea. :)
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Organic Coop in Terre Haute? Support the Cause!

Fundraising Campaign Update

It's been almost two months since we launched our campaign to raise $12,000 to fund the incorporation of Terre Foods Cooperative Market and to pay for a market feasibility study. We began with a "challenge" from a donor who agreed to match dollar-for-dollar the first $1,000 raised.

The great news is that you helped us exceed that challenge with donations of $1,165. Beyond those donations we have 100% of the Terre Foods Steering Committee contributing for an additional $895. All together, our campaign total stands at $3,060 – a quarter of the way to our goal.

The other good news – perhaps – is that this amount was raised from less than 10% of the people who have expressed interest in Terre Foods through joining our email list. That means there are more than 200 supporters who have yet to contribute. If 200 people contributed just $25 each, we would raise $5,000. At $50 each, we would raise $10,000 and exceed our goal. But, even a donation of $10 is significant because each donation helps us show broad community support for pushing this project forward.

Of course, we are pursuing other avenues for raising funds in addition to donations. We will be selling organic cotton grocery bags and t-shirts with our logo at the Downtown Farmers' Market and at other events throughout the summer. We will also have events such as the upcoming benefit concert by Cuba on May 16 at the Verve, and a Field to Fork dinner at Buttonwoods at Sycamore Farms on August 9th. But we must emphasize how important donations are from people like you.

If you are seriously interested in having a source for local, organic, and natural products here in Terre Haute, please make a donation to Terre Foods now – perhaps using some of that tax rebate we are getting this month.

Donations can be made through PayPal by going to, or checks can be made to Terre Foods Cooperative Market and mailed to:

Terre Foods Cooperative Market

PO Box 3043

Terre Haute, IN 47803

Huge Aquarium

Is anyone interested in a large saltwater aquarium set up?

90 Gallon aquarium with Stand, Hood, and lots of extras:

125lbs of Live Rock
125lbs of Live Sand
Chromis pair
Ocellaris Clown Pair
Coral Beauty Angel Fish
Pistol Shrimp

Accessories include:
Aquarium Gloves
Xp4 Rena Filstar (up to 265 gallons)

Will help move if local. I also will include the containers necessary for moving all of the water.

Ask me about a price.
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Missing Dog in W. Terra Haute

Hello! I'm not a Hautian, but I have friends who have lost their dog in that area, so I figured I'd try to get the world out via good ol' LJ.

There are pictures of her on this website:

She is a black and white lab/hound mix and her name is Hallie. If you see her/have her/have seen her, please contact that website.

Moderater - I hope this post is ok.

ETA - A police officer found her last night! She's now back home and recovering (she's got gash in her leg and lots of bruising - maybe from being hit by a car).

Help in Terre Haute

I drive a truck 70 hours a week, then I work another 30 or so helping folks out. I operate a non-profit aimed at making free home repairs for the elderly and the disabled. 95% of our clients live in Terre Haute. We do wheelchair ramps, roof replacements and any repair needed to bring the home up to a livable standard. I have been paying for most of this from my own pocket, I can no longer afford to do that. I am desperately seeking someone to help us in raising funds, I need someone with ideas and avenues who can work on a volunteer basis. please message, send email, yank my chain or blow smoke signals if you know of anyone who can help us out. There are 33 people in Terre Haute waiting on our list now. THE ONLY PERSONAL GAIN YOU WILL GET FROM THIS IS KNOWING THAT YOU HELPED SOMEONE. I can tell you now, there is NO better feeling.
Serenity = Love by Fritters

Shindig/FF Marathon in Bloomington

Sci/Fi will be showing a Firefly Marathon on Monday, Feb 18th (Presidents Day).

Opie Taylor's, a local Eatery and Watering Hole in Bloomington, IN has tenatively agreed to Air the Marathon on their Big Screen TV... ALL DAY!

Assuming the weather isn't bad, I think I'm going! (I may grab a bunch of friends to take too!)
Hope to see you there!