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Terre Hautians

Do you smell that??

Kr00ziN ThA 'Ba$h~!
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The first, the largest and the BEST LJ community for people that reside in and around the lovely city of Terre Haute, Indiana.
80s butt-rock, 90s butt-rock, abandoned buildings, backyard rasslin, braves, camaros, clabber girl baking powder, condemned buildings, crappy chain restaurants, crossroads of america, deserting downtown, duis, eugene debs, filp-flops, ghetto kids on mopeds, ghetto white boys, giant rebel flags, harley-davidson shirts, hi99, homemade tattoos, honey creek mall, hoosiers, hulman center, inbreeders, indiana, indiana state university, insane clown posse, isu, ivy tech, java haute, jesse walker, juggalos, kevin orpurt, larry bird, local bands, local shows, mall goths, meth, missing teeth, mix-fm, pajama pants in public, patriots, preacher larry, rasslin, rebel flags, rednecks, riceburners, rose-hulman, simrells, skank stores, smwc, square donuts, stiffy green, sweet mullets, sycamores, terre haute, the apple club, the coca-cola bottle, the coffee grounds, the legacy, the midwest, the river, the verve, the vibe tribe, the wabash river, underage scene whores, vikings, willy jak's, wthi, wtwo